Nos formules de maraige à marrakech

We can offer you several formulas that we will adapt to your wishes and tastes to make your wedding a unique moment!

    • “A la carte” formula: we will offer you all the possible services then you will choose which options you want for your day
    • “Turnkey” formula: a basic proposal with the possibility of shaping it to your liking if certain options do not satisfy you.
    • Formula “Idyllic Wedding”: privatization of a place with swimming pool and green space, first reception evening, wedding dinner with aperitif, Moroccan menu service and equipment; wedding decoration, flowers, lighting, candles and lanterns; Symbolic or religious ceremony; grooming, make-up and hairstyle; the arrival of the bride and groom on a palanquin or dromedary; fire juggler; Moroccan folklore; a DJ with sound system; the supervision of the whole weekend with our teams.
    • One-day formula: if you only want a day of ceremony then a cocktail and a dinner this formula is perfect for you, moreover it often satisfies small budgets!
    • 3-day formula: We suggest you organize a night before, the day of the ceremony and then a brunch by the pool or in the desert the day after the celebration.